AllSky What is it?


Link to My Allsky Camera page

An all sky camera is a device designed to take pictures of the entire sky over a certain amount of time, usually to monitor meteor showers or other astronomical phenomena. I built mine to record a movie of the entire night. I also upload a star trail photo of the night. My hardware is a Raspberry PI4 2gb, a HQ Pi Cam and a dew heater that is controled with a temp sensor. Every thing can be bought online such as Amazon but for the Camera.

Some photos of my build

AllSky AllSky AllSky AllSky

The lens I am using is:

Arecont Vision CS-Mount 1.55mm Fixed Focal Megapixel Lens. You can find them on Amazon but do a Google search for the best price.

Want to build one?

Build a Allsky Camera

This will list the simple hardware and and were to get the software.

This a a new allsky kit that looks very good.

You can buy a Allsky kit here at Allsky Optics

This is a good Facebook page to ask questions on.